Landscape Architect Registration by Examination

Please refer to Rule 3.21 and Rule 3.23 to review the requirements and procedures for registration by examination.

Application Process

Apply to Texas by online application and electronic payment

Do not create an account unless you have or are completing a LAAB accredited degree
  1. Create a TBAE online account and pay the $100 application fee
  2. Provide TBAE your Proof of Legal Status.
  3. You must support your online exam application by one of two methods listed below.

Option 1: To apply by Early Exam (without a completed CLARB file), please send TBAE the following:

  • Official college transcript
  • Employment verification form
  • NOTE: Applicants who pass the LARE prior to completing the CLARB council record are not eligible for licensure until TBAE has received and approved the CLARB record.

    Option 2: To apply after completion of the CLARB council record, please do the following:

  • Request CLARB transmit your council record to Texas
  • TBAE will send you confirmation when you have been approved for exam.

    Use this checklist to help you navigate the steps toward registration in Texas

    Use the following links to learn more about the examination requirements and process.

    Contact: Examination Coordinator (

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