Newly Registered Interior Designers

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the National Council of Interior Designers Qualification (NCIDQ) Registration Examination and were registered in August, 2019.

Reg # Name Home
12598 Ashlee Jourdyn Owens Houston, TX
12596 Ashley Colleen Kime Dallas, TX
12601 Christina Alicia Montecalvo Dallas, TX
12606 Erin N. Schlosser Humble, TX
12595 Jordin Elizabeth Bandi Dallas, TX
12593 Jose Leonel Ortega Austin, TX
12599 Kathryn Anne Taaffe Austin, TX
12603 Kristin Patrice Giesselmann Hurst, TX
12597 Mariah Elizabeth Buras Houston, TX
12605 Montana Christine Shrader Wimberley, TX
12594 Nicole Marie Schneck Houston, TX
12591 Stefania Morandi dallas, TX
12592 Teresa Ann Sigl Sagniaw, TX
12590 Whitney Paige Garry Lubbock, TX
registrant list

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