Newly Registered Architects

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and were registered in March, 2019.

Reg # Name Home
27913 Eddie Garcia Dallas, TX
27917 Clifton Petty Amarillo, TX
27922 Judith Dunn Walker Houston, TX
27925 Reema Singh DALLAS, TX
27930 Nicolas Maeckle Rivard San Antonio, TX
27933 Elisa Dennis Ausitn, TX
27934 Kathryn Liz McBride Dallas, TX
27942 Sergej Victorovich Aleksejev Fort Worth, TX
27943 Conda Holt Richards Dyess AFB, TX
27944 Alyssa Johnston Burleson San Antonio, TX
27946 James Anderson Jr. HOUSTON, TX
27948 Graham Robert Snow Austin, TX
27951 Natalie Anne Hugentobler Fort Worth, TX
27953 Christina Kay Cernoch Pflugerville, TX
27955 Alfredo Tiznado Austin, TX
27958 Margaret Millar Saunders Bellevue, WA
27959 Garrett Ross Hull Dallas, TX
registrant list

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