Newly Registered Architects

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and were registered in November, 2019.

Reg # Name Home
28386 Bryan David Davis Plano, TX
28388 James Alan Zavodny Georgetown, TX
28391 Timothy Richard McCarty San Antonio, TX
28392 Nicholas Lauve Austin, TX
28393 Juan Carlos Valdez Houston, TX
28394 Tai Dai Le ARLINGTON, TX
28396 Cameron Scott Martin Dallas, TX
28398 Joshua Wilson Pape RED OAK, TX
28399 Andrew Taylor Simpson Plano, TX
28401 Thomas Brett Keese Austin, TX
28406 Alexander Cornell Griffin Addison, TX
28407 Jonathan Mark West Houston, TX
28409 John Michael Ohler Jr. Vero Beach, FL
28410 Douglas Matthew Dawson Austin, TX
28411 Bradley Douglas Rich Bedford, TX
28412 Baylee Holder Houston, TX
28417 Derry Brandon Betts LAKEWAY, TX
28418 Laura Melissa Grenard Austin, TX
28424 Thomas Charles Holliday Los Angeles, CA
28426 Tyser Robertson Tuscola, TX
28427 Geoffrey Allen Kornegay Dallas, TX
28429 Andrew Curtis Gander San Antonio, TX
28432 Whitney Harris-Propps Ford Richardson, TX
28434 Kareem Najjar Dallas, TX
registrant list

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