Newly Registered Architects

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and were registered in July, 2019.

Reg # Name Home
28141 Joseph Allen Kammerer New Braunfels, TX
28142 Alan Joseph Macejewski Dallas, TX
28145 Rene Elizabeth Graham Austin, TX
28151 Seth Bryant Goodman Cambridge, MA
28152 Shaan Nabi Khaled FORT WORTH, TX
28153 Diana Dyan Yu Winchester, OT
28155 Jordan Elizabeth Pennington Midland, TX
28156 Silvia Nataly Izaguirre Denver, CO
28157 Pedram Mireshghi Dallas , TX
28158 Chelsea Koh Austin, TX
28159 Kamree Cameron Austin, TX
28160 Timothy Morgan Lott Richardson, TX
28161 Abigail Anne Grass San Antonio, TX
28162 Tyler Peter Mason Dallas, TX
28166 Danielle Rachel Tabachnick Houston, TX
28168 Tyler Colby Nagai New York, NY
28172 Jessica Lee Nelson Lewisville, TX
28173 William Roy Carroll Dallas, TX
28176 Katharine Faye Bowers Austin, TX
28180 Errol Anthony Browne Irving, TX
registrant list

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