Newly Registered Architects

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and were registered in February, 2019.

Reg # Name Home
27867 Ryan Scott Flener Austin, TX
27897 Kimberly R. Kohlhaas Austin, TX
27865 Samuel Foyles Goulas Dallas, TX
27866 Rachel Marie Westmoreland Dallas, TX
27878 Mark Damon Wiley Dallas, TX
27885 Beth Suzanne Groen Dallas, TX
27892 Kaylan Marie Betten Dallas, TX
27868 Alexei Dukov Fort Worth, TX
27893 Jennifer Petty Fort Worth, TX
27908 Michael Joseph Rhodes Houston, TX
27901 Mohammad Hajarian KATY, TX
27887 Courtney Ann Beam Pasadena, TX
27879 Yoelki Amador Pearland, TX
27882 Sergio Adrian Alanis San Antonio, TX
27906 Carolyn Pike Roman SAN ANTONIO, TX
registrant list

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