Newly Registered Architects

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and were registered in June, 2019.

Reg # Name Home
28136 Brandon Wayne Smith Breckenridge, CO
28135 William Thomas Cotton Dallas, TX
28132 Gregory Lee Ferguson San Antonio, TX
28130 Crystal Nicole Hernandez-Barrios Houston, TX
28127 Lisa-Marie Mueller Fremont, CA
28124 Kaleb Brett Jordan Arlington, TX
28122 Mark Trance Saginaw, TX
28121 Paige Pickens Engel Tyler, TX
28118 Evan Mikkel Ehrich Morris San Antonio, TX
28117 John Charles Stoker Austin, TX
28115 Robert Joseph James Hughes Los Angeles, CA
28114 Brian Bahan Lucke Austin, TX
28113 Arman A. Chowdhury Dallas, TX
28111 Derrick James Gaderson Austin, TX
28109 Craig Russell Hoverman Austin , TX
28106 Priya Iyer Dallas, TX
28103 Brian Joseph Conklin Austin, TX
28099 Johanna Evelyn Brustmeyer missouri City, TX
28098 Samantha Cristine Hurst Pflugerville, TX
28096 Rebecca Jane Koelbl Charlotte, NC
28095 Christopher Scott Nunn Dallas, TX
28094 Anthony Edward Simerson Plano, TX
28092 Noel T. Williams Austin, TX
28091 Roman Gabriel Falcon Brooklyn, NY
28088 Julian Guillermo Lizarazu dallas, TX
28087 Michael David Maddox Dallas, TX
28086 Alberto Garcia El Paso, TX
28083 Anna Corinne McConnall Austin, TX
28080 Cyrus Vahabzadeh Manesh Bryan, TX
registrant list

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