CEPH Audit

TBAE audits a percentage of randomly chosen registrants each year to determine compliance with continuing education. At that time you will be required to submit your supporting documentation. You will be expected to maintain records that correspond with your statement at renewal that you have completed continuing education for the previous year. Records will be reviewed for the audit period selected. Keep your documentation for five years.

Audits will look for

  1. Complete documentation
  2. Whether the CEPH was completed during the period claimed
  3. Whether the classes were relevant to professional practice
  4. That the classes were health-safety-welfare related
  5. At least one hour was the required barrier free credit
  6. At least one hour was the required sustainable or energy-efficient design credit
  7. That at least 8 hours were structured; no more than 4 self-study

If an exemption is claimed, TBAE will determine if the exemption requirements are met and that acceptable supporting documentation is included to support the exemption claim.

If the documentation does not support your claim of completion you may face administrative penalties and license revocation. Your name will be published in the agency newsletter as required by law. You will also be expected to complete the deficient education in order to become compliant and to continue to practice.

The mission of the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE) is to serve the State of Texas by protecting and preserving the health, safety, and welfare of the Texans who live, work, and play in the built environment through the regulation of the practice of architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.

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