Criminal Background checks

Criminal History Guidelines
Implication for Licensure

If you have a criminal history record, it may pose an obstacle to registration.  Depending upon the offenses on your criminal history record, you may be disqualified for registration for 3 years, you may be granted a provisional registration, or you may become fully registered. 

The following list is compiled to provide you guidance on the implications of your criminal history record, if you have one.

Non-Discretionary – Revocation of Registration/Disqualification for Initial Registration

  • Registration is revoked by operation of law for any felony conviction resulting in imprisonment
  • Registration is revoked upon imprisonment after revocation of community supervision, parole, or mandatory supervision entered after a felony conviction
  • A person is disqualified for registration while serving a term of imprisonment

Discretionary – The Board may Revoke or Suspend Registration or Disqualification a person from initial registration or taking a registration examination for the following:

  • A conviction for committing at any time the following offenses which the Board has determined are related to the duties and responsibilities of the practice of architecture/landscape architecture/interior design
    • Criminal negligence
    • Soliciting, offering, giving or receiving any form of bribe
    • Unauthorized use of property, funds, or proprietary information of a client or employer
    • An act relating to the malicious acquisition, use or dissemination of confidential information relating to, or accessed in the course of, offering or rendering professional services
    • Any act of fraud or deceptive business practices
  • A conviction for any offense unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the practice of architecture/landscape architecture/interior design committed during the 5-year period immediately preceding the date of application for registration
  • A conviction for committing the following serious and violent offenses regardless of when they were committed:
    • Murder
    • Capital murder
    • Indecency with a child
    • Sexual performance by a child
    • Aggravated kidnapping
    • Aggravated kidnapping committed with intent to sexually violate or abuse victim
    • Aggravated sexual assault
    • Aggravated robbery
    • Use of a child in the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance
    • Offenses related to controlled substances committed in or near a school, school bus, playground, video arcade or youth center
    • Sexual assault
    • Injury to a child punishable as a felony of the first degree
    • Use or exhibition of a deadly weapon during the course of, or during the immediate flight from, a felony offense
    • Burglary committed with the intent to commit a felony sexual offense

Provisional Licensing – The Board may issue a provisional certificate of registration to a candidate who:

  • Is otherwise qualified for registration (through education, experience and examination)
  • Committed an offense which is:
    •  unrelated to the practice of architecture/landscape architecture/interior design,
    •  more than 5 year old upon the date of application for registration, and
    • not listed above as a serious or violent offense.

Deferred adjudication – If criminal charges against you were dismissed after a period of deferred adjudication, the Board will not consider your offense as a conviction, unless:

  • the Board determines you pose a continued threat to public safety or
  • registration would provide an opportunity for you to repeat the offense.

The Board may impose disciplinary sanctions for violations of the laws enforced by the Board, regardless of whether a court dismisses criminal charges arising from the same conduct.

Preliminary Evaluation Letter – if you have a criminal history and are unsure if it will prevent you from becoming registered, you may request a preliminary evaluation letter from the Board.  You may contact the board at 512-305-9000.


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