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You probably recognize the paper renewal coupon TBAE sends you each year to fill out and mail back to us with a check attached. Well, that old-style renewal process is getting a facelift.

From now on, instead of a mail-in renewal coupon, we’ll send you a postcard reminder each year to go online to our Web site and renew your registration. While you’re visiting our site to renew, you’ll also have a great chance to make sure your contact information—including your email address— is still accurate so we can inform you of breaking news and important information like upcoming renewal deadlines. To make online renewals as hassle-free as possible, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can even pay from your checking or savings account!

There’s a security benefit to you as well; no longer will TBAE need to print your username and password and mail a copy.  That means nobody can learn your private information simply by glancing at your renewal notice, so your personal data is even more secure.  (In fact, the agency no longer will mail any type of correspondence that includes a registrant’s personal login information.)

It’s such streamlined processes as online renewals that enables TBAE to operate smoothly, responsively, and efficiently. That efficiency, in turn, is the kind of virtue that translates directly into benefit to you (like this year’s registration fee reduction, for instance). So save a trip to the post office for stamps.

When you’re due to renew (your birth month), we’ll send you the postcard reminder, so just log in and see how easy it is!

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