How to submit fingerprints: detailed instructions for in-state TBAE registrants

Note: You must create a TBAE online account (including payment) 72 hours prior to proceeding, if you do not already have one.

This section applies to:

  • Active-status TBAE registrants who reside in Texas
  • Inactive- or Emeritus-status registrants who wish to switch back to Active status, and who reside in Texas
  • Exam or reciprocal candidates who plan to become registered in Texas and who reside in Texas
  • The process, step by step:

    1. Get started early.   Appointments to submit fingerprints must be scheduled ahead of time (walk-ins are not possible with the state-chosen vendor), and time slots for any given location and date may be difficult to find.   Planning ahead can be hugely helpful, so don’t wait until the last few days before you need to renew.   Giving at least a few weeks of lead time before you plan to renew is a very good idea, and in some cases it is smart to give yourself even more time.
    2. Have the following information handy, because the fingerprinting vendor will ask you for it during the fingerprint appointment scheduling process:
      a. Name
      b. Date of birth
      c. Sex
      d. Race
      e. Height
      f. Weight
      g. Eye color
      h. Hair color
      i. Place of birth
      j. Home address
    3. Visit the State’s fingerprinting vendor online at .   (Or you can call toll free at 888-467-2080 and the live operator will walk you through the scheduling process.   If you schedule via phone, you will use "Service Code" 11G5YT.)
    4. Click "Schedule or Manage an Appointment." (The top link.)
    5. Enter your personal information on the following screens as prompted, following the on-screen instructions.
    6. Find the most convenient fingerprinting office location for you, following the on-screen instructions. As prompted, select a MorphoTrust (Identogo) office location and appointment time that works for you.
    7. Print out and keep your appointment confirmation screen, which contains the location, date, time, and other very important information.   As instructed on-screen, remember to bring your valid photo ID and/or other required documents to the appointment.
    8. Arrive at your scheduled appointment with your identification.
    9. You may check status on your submission by clicking on this link: and then click "Check Status."

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