New Secure Login

Until now, if you forgot your username and password, you could call the friendly staff at TBAE, who could look up your account, verify your identity, and give you that information. For enhanced security and to better protect your identity, the process has now been automated.  Since your password is so critical for your security, TBAE staff will no longer be able to look it up—in other words, we couldn't decipher it even if we wanted to! 

If you forget your username and/or password, follow the instructions on the TBAE login page to get that information. A unique email address is required for each person, so you are no longer able to share an email address with your spouse or co-workers— again, for security purposes. 

In fact, without a valid and unique email address on file, you'll be unable to access your account online—so be sure to start by making sure we have a good email address for you!

How do you log in to the new system?  There is one option for each of two different types of TBAE online users.  Choose below to get started!

  • If you have a registration number (meaning you are a current TBAE registrant), you already have a username and password.  Use it now to log in (and just follow the instructions if you've forgotten one or both).  Assuming you have a valid email on file, the process is simple and automated. 

  • If you are a candidate for registration (in other words, a future TBAE registrant), begin the application process here. (If you've begun your application, but not finished yet, you can complete it by logging in.)

Troubleshooting: If you forget both your username and your password

It's a two-step process, and it's simple!  First, enter your valid email address in the Forgot Username form, then check your Inbox.  When you get the TBAE email, go to the Forgot Password page and use the username TBAE emailed to you, then check your email again.  You’ll have a second message from TBAE that includes a system-generated password, which you can use to log in to your account.  (Note that you should manually type in this password, rather than copy-and-paste.)  Once you’re logged in, just create a permanent password for your account, and you’re all set!

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